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Twitch Waiting Screen - The swing

During the past few months, I had the opportunity to realize some waiting screen for some streamers on Twitch. (I apologize for the quality downgrade, fortunately Twitch will allow me to show the artwork in full resolution !)
After that, I was willing to do the same for me and my twitch channel, so here it is !
I wanted someting simple with an animation easy to loop, mixing two things I love, which are 3D and watercolor painting. This is something very different of what I am used to do, so it was quite challenging !
I was able to obtain this result thanks to the awesome plugin for Maya MNRPX by Artineering :
It allows you to achieve many different styles, directly in the viewport, so the result is fully realtime !
I want to say a big thanks to my friend Paka ( who did the character design, helped me with the composition and composed the music theme, and my friend Joran Rivet, who did the rigging of this tiny me ! ♥